• Fighting an appeal before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council from the civil division of the court of appeal in the Bahamas.
• Advising in connection with a contested probate matter and in that matter on conflict of laws and the place of trial.
• For manufacturer: proceedings in the Technology and Construction Court against supplier of a product used in the manufacturing process.
We advise companies and individuals on High Court and County Court litigation and have extensive experience in, amongst others, the following areas, namely:
• Breach of contract • Product liability claims
• Partnership disputes • Company Director Disputes
• Building disputes • Breaches of statutory duty
• Personal injuries • Nuisance & Defamation
• Employment issues • Disputes with neighbours
• Property disputes: Landlord and tenant problems. Rights over land.
• Negligence, this includes professional negligence. Kenneth Arnold is a member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association.
• Dealing with issues arising from the insolvency of Companies that owe you money.
• We have advised and acted for foreign individuals and companies on litigation in this country and agreements written under English Law.
Kenneth Arnold is a member of the Institute of Arbitrators - ciarb.org
He has also represented clients at mediations (which have often produced a settlement acceptable to both parties).
In his capacity as a Deputy District Judge, Kenneth Arnold has taken countless Financial Dispute Resolution hearings dealing with the financial issues deriving from marriage breakdown.
We are Privy Council Agents and have advised on appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council from decisions by the Court of Appeal in foreign jurisdictions and both taken appeals to the Committee and responded to such appeals.
In that work we have acted as agents for overseas firms of lawyers where their jurisdiction allows appeals to the Committee.
We have also been involved in Appeals to the Court of Appeal.
We advise and act for parties who wish to petition for a debtor’s bankruptcy or a company’s winding-up as well as trustees in bankruptcy and liquidators on matters arising from their appointment and acting for them in the prosecution of claims.
We have acted for directors following proceedings being commenced against them for disqualification from being involved in the management of companies as well as more generally advising them on their obligations as directors.
We have also acted for a regulatory body for Insolvency Practitioners in connection with matters arising from the regulation of practitioners.
We advise businesses on agreements they want to enter into or already have entered into with others, terms and conditions of trading and their effect.
We advise businesses on contracts they have already entered into and on those that they are thinking of entering into as well as on terms of trading.
We have acted on derivative litigation commenced against company directors in connection with their complaints of the way that companies have been or are being run.
We have acted for shareholders who have complained of being unfairly disadvantaged by the actions of Directors.
We advise individuals following marriage breakdown. This includes handling their divorce and matters concerning children of the family and family finance.
We do not undertake emergency work or legal aid.
We prepare wills for clients. However much or little you have, you will want to direct who is to benefit and having a will helps to ensure that your estate is wound up simply, effectively and as quickly as possible.
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